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Founded in 2003, located in Jiaoshe Information Industrial Park, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan, and adjoining Dongguan-Shenzhen Freeway for convenient transportation, Guangdong Kangdewei Electric Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in development, manufacturing and marketing of electrical power equipment, including power transformers, HV/LV switchgear assemblies, intelligent devices in distribution network, and more.

Our leading products of oil-impregnated transformers are: S(B)H15 amorphous alloy core oil-impregnated transformer; S11, S13 and S14 series of three-dimensional wound core or laminated core oil-impregnated transformers, S11-M(F) and S13-M(F) high overload capacity distribution transformers; our leading products of dry-type transformers are: SC(B)H15 amorphous alloy core dry-type transformer, SC(B)10, SC(B)11 and SC(B)13 series of three-dimensional wound core or laminated core resin-insulated dry-type transformers, SG(B)10, SG(B)11 and SG(B)13 series of three-dimensional wound core or laminated core insulated dry-type transformers; our leading products of special transformers are: 20KV/10KV dual-voltage conversion dry-type transformer, single-phase transformer, special wind power transformer and resin-insulated grounding transformer; terminal-type and ring network type combined transformers and prefabricated transformer substation; LV switchgear assemblies are GGD, GCK, GCS, MNS and XM, power cabinet, distribution box, integrated distribution box etc; HV switchgear assemblies include equipment such as insulated metal-enclosed SF6 C-GIS, semi-insulated SF6 RMU, cable distribution box, outdoor switch box, withdrawable or stationary switchgear, on-post circuit breaker, on-post load switch etc; charging pile series include AC charging station, AC charging pile etc. Our products have successively been approved by ASTA international certification and national or provincial appraisal certificate, CEC product authentication certificate, and awarded Guangdong high-tech product, Guangdong famous product, Dongguan scientific and technological advance reward, just to name a few.


Green energy saving and environmental protection smart grid experts


We've thoroughly implemented and passed ISO9001 QMS, ISO14001 EMS and OHSAS18001 certifications; meanwhile, we fully implement and continuously deepen 6S production field management, lean production management and ERP system management, in order to increase customer satisfaction. We've successively been awarded national high-tech enterprise, national model unit for CAD application project, Guangdong model unit for information application, Guangdong private technical enterprise, Guangdong contract-abiding & trustworthy enterprise, Dongguan excellent private technical enterprise, Dongguan harmonious enterprise, model enterprise for introducing international standard in electrical equipment industry, excellent enterprise of CSG and Guangdong Power Grid Corporation for flood fighting and relief etc.


We've established complete marketing network system and infrastructure, advanced development management means, effective quality control system, and internationally leading product development and manufacturing center of sound development mechanism. At present, our engineering technicians represent more than 20% of the total number of employees, have in possession of over 400 sets of internationally advanced production and testing equipment of various types, including over 50 sets of key equipment, and our marketing network is distributed in countries and regions like Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Myanmar, Iran, Brazil, Venezuela and so on. So far, more than 50,000 sets of our products have been used in safe operation, which helps establish our quality credit that is famous at home and abroad.

Carrying over the business philosophy of "integrity, safety, energy-saving, efficiency" and "create value for the customers", we'll improve the level of technical development and management innovation, apply products of better quality to power grid system, and introduce talents with more effective incentive mechanism, to build long-lasting undertaking of Kangdewei Electric.

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