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3Dcore laminated core resin insulated dry type power transformer

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3Dcore laminated core resin insulated dry type power transformer

Serial number
SG(B)10 SG(B)11 SG(B)13 Series
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Product description

SG(B) series of transformer with well-designed winding structure and vacuum impregnation treatment does not cause partial discharge, without any crack during whole service life, and without occurrence of degraded insulation level;

HV continuous winding and LV foil winding are used, whole structure is treated by vacuum impregnation and solidification and supported with high-strength ceramic, with excellent capacity of withstanding transient short-circuit current;

Fire retardant, flame retardant, non-toxic, self-extinguishing, fire-proof;

Under burning condition of hot flame, SG (B) series of transformer does not generate any smoke;

The transformer is protected by Class H insulation (180);

Insulating layer is very thin and uniform, with high transient overload capacity, no forced cooling is needed, able to withstand 120% extended overload and 3 hours of 140% overload; because this type of insulating material is not subject to aging and it is elastic, immediate full loading under the condition of + 50 is available.


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